ECS Transportation, LLC is committed to providing safe transportation for our passengers, clients, and the communities we serve.

The underlying theme of Safety at ECS is that each employee, regardless of role, is responsible for Safety in their daily work and in the service they provide.

ECS complies with all mandated training and supplements the training with additional classroom and skills-based training. In addition, all new employees attend a minimum of 50 hours of classroom and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Additionally, 100% of ECS drivers participate in Smith System Defensive Driver training. This training does not train the drivers on how to drive, but rather provides skills for collision avoidance. The Smith System teaches the skills of space cushion for the vehicle, visibility of the roadway and time to make thoughtful decisions and to act upon those decisions. The Smith System is reinforced with all drivers throughout their careers with ECS.

In accordance with National Safety Council and commercial motor vehicle best practices, our drivers are subject to random road evaluations via ride-a-longs and tail checks (where a supervisor follows and observes driving behavior unbeknownst to the driver).

Additionally, all ECS vehicles are equipped with forward-facing and inward-facing video for the protection of the driver and the passengers. The vehicles are also equipped with Zonar telemetrics that allows ECS management to know where the vehicle is located and where it has been, to monitor speeding and hard braking events and to ensure compliance with required pre-trip inspections, passenger checks after completion of each trip and post-trip inspections.