Terms & Conditions

Please read these Terms & Conditions to understand how you will be billed. The passenger(s) or client taking the service is responsible for all charges when completing a transfer. Any concerns relating to a ride must be called in to ECS Transportation directly and addressed with a supervisor before or as soon as possible during the transfer. Note that if the passenger(s) takes another mode of transportation other than the vehicle that was booked without a prior cancellation, they will be charged as a ‘no-show.’ See details below.

Standard Rates

ECS Transportation’s hourly rates and minimums are available upon request. Rates and minimum hire vary between vehicle types. Prices may alter based on current fuel prices and annual inflationary adjustments. Individual users and non-contracted corporate accounts will be required to provide a credit card at time of reservation.

General Payment Terms

A deposit is required to hold your reservation. A credit card is also required as a security deposit.

Based on our quote provided to you, we require a 20% deposit, to secure a charter bus, date(s) and time. Remaining payment is always due 14 (fourteen) business days prior to when service is rendered for day trips and 21 (twenty-one) business days prior to multiple days trip.


All payments are due in full 14 (fourteen) business days prior to services rendered for day trips unless other prior financial arrangements have been approved by ECS.

All payments are due in full 21 (twenty-one) days prior to services rendered for multiple days trip unless other prior financial arrangements have been approved by ECS.

TOLLS will be charged for both ways on any out-of-town trip.

HOURLY MINIMUMS vary depending on the size of the vehicle being reserved. Please call ask for the latest hourly minimums.

Additional charges include fuel and state sales taxes.

Cleaning Fees:

All groups are responsible for keeping the reserved vehicle(s) clean.

While we do allow food and beverages in our vehicles, it is the group's responsibility to clean up after themselves and make sure their items are secured for safe transit.


Reservation Process

ECS allows reservations to be placed directly by phone at 203.852.1605 or via our online services. All reservations must be placed with at least 2 weeks advance notice and contain the key passenger’s cell phone number. Under NO circumstances should any passenger direct the driver to change a reservation, or give the driver instructions for return pick-ups if not previously established. All such changes must go through our call center. ECS will not be responsible for service issues whenever a driver is instructed directly.

Specialty Vehicles & Services Available

ECS offers a wide variety of specialty vehicles and numerous types of services. All reservations for these services will incur an automatic 20% gratuity for the driver.

Vehicles offered include:

  • SUVs
  • Vans
  • Shuttles
  • School Buses
  • Party Buses
  • Mini Coach Buses
  • Full-Size Coach Buses

Transportation services offered include but are not limited to:

  • Corporate
  • School Bus Routes
  • Charter Bus
  • Foxwoods Line Run
  • Medical / Senior Transport
  • College / University Transport

Cancellation Policy:

Cancellation of day trips require 14 days notice prior to trip. Your initial deposit is non-refundable and 80 % of payments will be returned.

Cancellation within less than 14 days will result in all deposits and payments being forfeited.

Cancellation of multi-day trips require 21 days notice prior to trip and 50% of initial payment will be returned. Cancellations within less than 21 days will result in all deposits and payments being forfeited.

Large Events and Parties

Multiple vehicle events and parties must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. Check for availability in November for December / Holiday parties. On-Site Dispatching is recommended for your events and for reliable fulfillment of transportation for groups leaving a common location.

Children and Minors

ECS will not pick up unattended children and/or pets. An adult must accompany these travelers even if the destination is to a guardian.

Groups with passengers under the age of 18 years old must have chaperones stationed in the rear, middle, and front of the vehicle. No exceptions.

Luggage exceeding the limits of an SUV’s trunk space will require an upgrade to a van or small shuttle.

Billing Reconciliation and Credits

All billing disputes and requests for adjustments and credits must be submitted within 30 days and in writing, otherwise it will be considered final.

East Coast Limousine

East Coast Limousine (ECL) is our black car division, located at 38-17 Crescent St. Long Island City, NY 11106. For any sedan or high volume SUV or van requests, ECL will be offered as an option to expedite your reservation. If you opt for an affiliate, you will be charged based on fair rates, plus any surcharges and wait time charges that apply. ECL services nationwide and worldwide as well. For more information, you may visit www.eastcoastlimousine.com

Corporate Travel Managers

Most billing issues are a result of minor, but time consuming, misunderstandings of the basic processes behind the service agreement. Travel Managers are requested to advise associates of the terms and conditions between ECS and their firm.

Specific protocols of voucher processes, authorized user lists, authorized callers, department numbers, credit card usage and reservation protocols must be reviewed. The ECS team will be more than happy to work with you to draft a policy and procedures statement to help your associates expedite their chauffeured transportation needs.

Rate Tables will be provided based on agreed to terms and geographic requirements.

Confidentiality and Protocols: ECS maintains a high level of integrity and confidentiality in regards to any and all client information, billing and usage parameters. ECS will never disclose such information without the express consent of the authorized client contact. ECS expects all clients to observe similar levels of confidentiality in regards to disclosing ECS pricing, policies and processes to competitors. ECS also expects its clients to advise us immediately in the event a driver solicits the client’s account for work outside of ECS. Clients cannot establish direct supplier relationships with drivers still under the ECS operating license. Supplier relationships established with ECS drivers, either through direct or indirect solicitation, is viewed as unethical business practices. It is ECS policy to always have a high level of communication with its clients regarding such issues.

Terms and Conditions may be subject to change. Please check this website periodically.